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You deserve to live a life of abundance and if I know you…..

You currently feel as though that is just not possible. You’ve done everything you can and it just seems as though this is the life you are destined to live. 


You’ve done everything you can and it just seems as though you are destined to live in lack.

Should I add this last bit in?

To live a life on a constant loop of work and taking care of your responsibilities and while that is a part of life, this can't be all of what life is about, right? 

That’s where I come in.

What you need at this time is to break the cycle of poverty in your life, shift your thinking, gain clarity on where you are headed and this will allow you to take charge and live life on your own terms. 
I will empower and support you while providing you with the framework to do just that.

How I Broke The Cycle In My Life

I remember like it was yesterday. It was December 31, 2012, and I was anxious of what my future held. There I was sitting on the edge of the tub in my sister’s bathroom, waiting, and not patiently so, on a pregnancy test to reveal its results. Here I was supposed to be preparing for the NYE celebration but instead I was in a daze and really in disbelief. You see 2012 was a horrible year for me, and I was really looking forward to celebrating a new beginning as I was hopeful to see what 2013 would bring. I remember jumping out of my daze when the timer went off, it was time to read the results. Shakily, I peered at the sink and my heart dropped. I was pregnant. I was so scared because I was a college dropout and worked as a hostess, not exactly very responsible for myself, how was I going to rear and provide for a child? So many questions but I knew I had to get my life together.  


The following days/weeks  blurred together as I scurried to put my life together and prepare for my son’s arrival. I immediately applied for government assistance so I would have insurance. I began to search for a stable job that would allow me to have weekends off, leave no later than 5pm, and have access to good insurance. I remember my body changing and feeling tired all the time but I was so determined to have everything in place before I gave birth. I was racing against a clock because everyday my son was getting bigger and bigger inside of me. I was able to find a good 9-5 job, the salary wasn’t as high as I hoped it would be  but it came with excellent benefits, it was a start and my future was looking brighter. After only 3 short weeks on my new job my water broke at 24 weeks, I was put on bed rest until I gave birth. I remember being so scared that I would lose my brand new job. Fortunately one of the benefits of my new job was access to RPL ( Reduced Paid Leave) which not only provided job protection but also 50% of my salary. I was in the hospital for 7 weeks and at 31 weeks pregnant my little guy was born. When I went to add my son to my insurance through my job I realized that I couldn’t afford it. I couldn’t afford to add him as a dependent. I was reassured that Medicaid ( Government Assistance) was sufficient insurance to provide healthcare to my son but I felt guilty because my job provided PPO insurance for me at no charge but my son had to stay on government assistance. I pushed that feeling to the side because what could I do?  My little one started having ear infections. One after another, sometimes in one ear and sometimes in both ears at the same time. We were constantly in the pediatric office and I was concerned about him having permanent damage to his ears which could result in hearing loss and speech problems. I was reassured that I was doing everything right and to just keep staying on top of it. After several more ear infractions, I genuinely appealed to the pediatrician about doing something other than antibiotics. I was finally informed that my son really needed surgery but his current insurance considered proper care as prescribing an antibiotic. I felt that same anxiety that I felt in my sister’s bathroom many moons back when I found out I was pregnant. I felt this overwhelming feeling of dismay about this unexpected turn of events. I realized that my son wasn't receiving what he truly needed and his insurance was lacking. My son’s health was at stake and it was up to me to make a change to provide him with the best possible care. How was I going to do that? I had no idea but I had to shift my perspective for the sake of my little one. I threw myself into my job so that I could climb the ladder at work and get promotions. Promotions meant more money, right? More money meant better insurance so I developed myself, my knowledge and skill base, I volunteered for more responsibilities to show that I was deserving. After much hard work, I was promoted and finally able to get my son on better insurance so that he could get the surgery he needed. He was never officially diagnosed with chronic ear infections however the Ear Nose and Throat Doctor informed me that he should of been and that we were lucky there was no permanent damage. I continued on the path of what I thought would provide financial stability because my goal was still to be able to put my son on my insurance through work. I received promotion after promotion and got off all  government assistance. When I finally was able to add him to my insurance it felt amazing! The goal was completed and now my son had access to the best care possible. Now What? I was still lacking financially, we lived in an area that wasn’t the best, I didn’t have savings that would actually help during a crisis, while I was proud of my job it wasn't exactly fulfilling me, and I wasn't truly living but merely existing. I realized that I was so focused on the goal of proper care I failed to look at the big picture. It was then that I realized I was in a cycle of poverty. I was in this constant loop of highs and lows and it was time to break it. I realized that breaking the cycle of poverty wasn't just about making more money, it was about a shift in my thinking, gaining clarity on my vision, creating an action plan and executing it. So I began to work on me, my personal development and identify the type of life I wanted to live. I mapped out a plan of action for myself and began executing it and evaluating my progress. As time went by the pieces started coming together. It seemed slow going but I was making progress, day by day, month after month, year by year.  This framework allowed me to begin to live life on my own terms and walk more freely in a purposeful life.

 I am immensely proud of the success and progress I have made and this showed me I am capable. I wanted to get my life together and I have done so much more than that. I had proven to myself that I could do it. I could weather the storms of life, go through trials and tribulations and come out stronger than ever. Breaking the cycle of poverty doesn’t happen overnight, it happens bit by bit until you have accomplished the goal. I am different today because I was able shift my thinking, gain clarity on my vision, create a plan of action and executed it. This journey has brought me to this point of my life where I now help other women to do the same. As a Personal Brand Consultant, I empower women to break the cycle of poverty in their lives, shift their thinking, live a purpose "full" life, and start experiencing a better life today.  I know what it feels like to feel hopeless, helpless, and in despair however I am a living witness that we have the power to create the life we desire. 

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Living the life that I curated is what I enjoy!


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